Nourishing Community:

Building bridges between neighbours and facilitating access to services, support, and opportunities for social inclusion through personal interaction.

How do we do this?

By acknowledging that life is better in community!Lotus-logo-Trsp-medium
So many messages around us today tell us that life is a DIY project. Often our only contact with other people is through screens. But there’s so much we are missing out on when we live life that way. Our circles of interaction become smaller – we only talk to people who agree with us. It’s important to re-introduce the plaza – the public space where people of all backgrounds can get to know one another.


Dear Community!

Have you discovered the Lotus Community Corner? Maybe you haven’t yet because we’ve only been open Saturdays. But now we’re opening up from Saturday through Thursday 10am-3pm.  Join us on July 22 to celebrate our new opening hours! Join us to read a book from our libary, relax in our peace garden, and sip some amazing Moka Harar coffee!


Our Hours

Sunday – Friday

Community events
& counseling appointments

Saturday Lotus Breakfasts

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

What’s happening at the Lotus?

Humans of the Lotus - Marcus, Carolyn and Nadeem: "We really felt welcome and liked the vision of the place. Ottawa could use more places like this.

Plus I really love the grass-root development of it - started and run by the community. And we love the quality of the coffee and the pastries!"

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This is a special brunch to help a new Syrian catering company Syrian Home Cooking - Ottawa find its feet! Come out and enjoy their amazing food and support community initiatives.

Where better to be on this BEAUITFUL warm and sunny day than the Lotus! The weather has us starting the weekend on a great note! How can we make your weekend even better? 🙂

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Good things brew

When people come together over a cup of coffee

Connections are made…

When activities draw in people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life

Horizons expand…

When you read a great book

Healing begins…

When you can talk to someone who understands and cares

If you believe in the importance of communities built from the ground up, then join us in nourishing a healthy, harmonious community, one interaction at a time. This is how our ancestors did it. There’s no reason why we can’t. Come and be part of this revitalization!

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