Why the Lotus?

The lotus flower is an ancient eastern symbol of enlightenment. Growing in muddy swamps, the lotus rises above its surroundings in pristine beauty, to bloom and provide nectar. It’s an image of the pure essence of the human, which must not remain obscured by the muddy swamps of our circumstances (the system boxing us in; unhealed trauma; fears and worries)…but be empowered to rise and shine in all its glory. Come experience a blossoming by being part of the community of the Lotus!

Lotus flowers take root in the mud and grow into beautiful flowers. Create beauty and happiness in your life, no matter where your roots lie.


The Lotus Community Corner is a project in two parts: a meeting place and a safe space. As a meeting place, the Lotus Café-Bookstore serves up true hospitality in the form of organic and fair trade coffees, healing teas, and delicious sandwiches and treats. This is the place to bring a friend, meet your neighbors, or sit quietly with a book. We’ve got a selection of books that go great with a cup of coffee, and you’re free to read without buying! We also sell beautiful handcrafted leather and cosmetic items.

As a safe space, the Lotus is the home base for free, culturally-relevant, and grassroots community services.
We offer programming as a way to build community bonds and to provide individuals with resources that can enrich their lives. Programming is one way of giving people a chance to meet, dialogue, and express themselves. Our programming is uniquely designed to meet the needs of various age groups including seniors and youth, and in ways that speak to cultural diversity. We are always looking for partners to offer workshops and classes, so please let us know what you can offer.
For those needing more support, our free counselling and chaplaincy services are available to help them on their journeys to well-being.

Life is not meant to be a DIY project. Come live life in community. At the Lotus we’ll nourish you: whether through a cup of healing tea served with a smile, a friendship that results from attending a program, or a counselling session that helps you back on your feet.

The mission of the Lotus Community Corner is to contribute to the revitalization of community bonds in our neighborhood, across ages, faiths and walks of life.  We aim to accomplish this mission first and foremost through the provision of a comfortable safe space for people to gather and socialize, as well as through programming to meet specific needs of youth, seniors, and newcomers in ways that are culturally appropriate and authentic.


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