The Lotus Cafe

We Serve Friendship

What would you give for a break from the fast lane? The Lotus is designed to be an oasis where you can spend as much time as you like quietly reading, studying for an exam, working on a group project, or enjoying our community garden. Take a seat by the window and sip a healing tea, or sample one of our smoothies as you enjoy the breeze on our back-deck. Bring a friend, bring your mom, and get served some true hospitality at the Lotus. You won’t find a friendlier, more peaceful, and tastier café in all of Ottawa. Let us nourish you, today!

Every purchase is a donation that go towards our programming.


  • Drip Coffee

    • 1 serving $2

    Our coffee of the day freshly brewed.

  • Chemex Coffee

    • 2 Servings $6

    Hourglass-shaped glass flask revealing coffee’s bright flavours.

  • French Press

    • 2 Servings $6

    Rich bodied coffee prepared in a classic glass press.

  • V60 Pourover Coffee

    • 1 Serving $3.5

    The pinnacle of pourover coffee, beautiful crafted cup of coffee.

  • Yemeni Spiced Green Coffee

    • 2 servings $5

    Lightly roasted coffee sweetened & spiced with cardamon and ginger.

  • Turkish Spiced Coffee

    • 2 Servings $5
  • Espresso

    • 1 Serving $3

    One shot, full-flavoured

  • Cappuccino

    • 1 Serving $4

    One espresso shot with hot milk


  • In a Mug (black or green)

    • 1 Serving $2

    Regular black or green tea served in a mug with the bag.

  • Healing Tea Blend

    • 2 Servings $6

    Blended with traditional herbs. Ask the server for more details.

  • Masala Chai

    • 1 Serving $4

    Sweetened spiced black tea with milk.

  • Afghan Spiced

    • 1 Serving $3.5

    Sweetened spiced black tea.

  • Morrocan Mint

    • 2 Servings $4

    Sweetened green tea with mint.


  • Smoothies

    • 1 Serving $5

    Freshly made, healthy smoothies, various flavours.